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Everyone has their own hobbies. Some have writing hobbies, some have reading hobbies etc.. One of the best hobbies is gardening. During this COVID-19 pandemic, everyone has too much free time in which they can act upon their hobbies especially gardening easily and It is very important to keep yourself busy.

So, today we are going to talk about 5 best tomato growing tips which you can try to get healthy tomatoes at your home.


Tomato field/PXhere
Tomato field/PXhere

The space is so important to grow healthy tomatoes. If you are starting from seeds, then it is so important to provide them with enough room so they can send out their roots easily and make themselves strong.

Make sure when you are growing tomatoes from seeds, Do thin which means you have to pinch the seedlings in every cell except the longest and strongest one.

Remember, crowded seedling always start to fight each other; the roots fight for space; the upper part fights for the light and in the result not only they stop growing but eventually they start to die.

When transplanting, make sure to set the tomato plants at 30 to 48 inches apart in a row and the row at the distance of 48 inches.


If you have grown the plants from seeds, then try to put them at a shiny window in a poly house or under the grow lights for 14 to 18 hours. Without the light, the plants will become leggy and won’t grow any more as they will die.

When you planned to transplant the tomato seedling outside in the garden, place your seedling outdoor in the sun for a few hours and increase the timing day-by-day. This will make their habit of tolerating the sunlight.


When transplanting, make sure to preheat the soil as they don’t start growing until the temperature reaches to their needs. To make the process fast, you can use the black polythene sheet to cover the soil.

At the time when you start transplanting, always keep this in your mind to bury the tomato plants deeper than it was before. Snip all the leaves except for the upper leaves and bury the leftover stem. Later, the roots will also grow from the buried stem. This will make the plants more stable and strong.


Tomato suckers/ FLICKR
Tomato suckers/ FLICKR

When the plants grow about 3 feet tall, prune the yellow leaves at the bottom as they become a cause of fungal diseases.

Also, you have to pinch out the stems which grow in between the stem and the axils of branches. These new stems are called “suckers” as they suck the energy from the plant. Pinching them will allow the plant to focus on fruit.

Besides that, tomato plants don’t need any pruning. Just focus on the upper given points.


Water the tomato plants deeply. Use the rule of thumb to ensure that your get 1 inch of water every week. During the hot days, the demand for water will increase. Water them immediately, when you see the ground dry and the curling or wilt leaves for most of the time.

Always water in the morning or evening; morning time is more sufficient than the evening time. Do NOT moist the leaves as they cause the fungus issue.

Also watering too much will cause blossom end rot (a calcium deficiency) and cracking and splitting.

P.S. This information is researched very well with the help of burpee, harvesttotable, almanac and thespruce.


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