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Grow these in Rainy seasons
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5 Nutritious Vegetable to be grown in rainy seasons

The summer is now giving the way to monsoon cloud and saying goodbye whereas the monsoon is bringing too much heat and humidity with it and taking over the summer plants. Now, the question comes to the mind is what Now, the question comes to the mind is what vegetables to be grown in rainy season? Today, you are getting 5 healthy vegetable name list to plant in monsoon. So, time to plant the vegetables!


The vegetable name list which you are going to know has some vegetables which come in different varieties. So, before buying, do search for monsoon variety or heat tolerant variety.

1.     TOMATO:

Start your tomatoes from seeds today
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Tomatoes are one of the widely used fruits so-called vegetable, especially in Indo-Pak, for making countless dishes. It is also very good for our health. The planting time of the tomatoes is after the last frost, but you can also plant it in the monsoon if you grow the cherry variety as it is harder than normal tomatoes or you can also find heat-tolerant varieties.

2.     OKRA a.k.a LADY FINGER:

Preffered by most of the kids. it's Okra a.k.a Lady finger
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This nutritious vegetable comes in different colours which are very common in Indo-Pak for making curry, so-called Bhindi in these regions. The ladyfinger is used in gumbos and soups. Growing this as the border of your garden will make your garden very beautiful as well, as it has very attractive leaves which are large but beautiful if seen.

3.     CUCUMBER:

Grow cucumbers in rainy season
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Cucumbers are the healthy vegetable which often uses in salads. This is one of the vegetables which are relished by kids and adults alike. They come in a green colour mostly but there are also white colours available. They like good moisture, fertile soil and sunlight so this is the best cucumbers planting time. Plant them and get cucumbers throughout the year.


Sweet Potato | Shakarkand | Shakarkandi
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How can we forget about Sweet potatoes? Whenever I talk about it, my mouth starts watering. Sweet potatoes are called Shakarkand or Shakarkandi in Indo-Pak which is one of the most successful street foods in these regions; mostly preferred by kids. Remember, Sweet potatoes are not easy to grow. You can grow them but, you have to make sure that you do not water them too much or the sweet potatoes will break down under the ground.


Grow tasty Eggplants this year in Monsoon for Baingan ka Bharta
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Eggplants are mostly purple in colour but there are also white varieties which make them so beautiful. As those are beautiful, they are also very nutritious and good for our health. In Indo-Pak, there are many dishes made by Brinjal (Baingan). Like Baingan ka Bharta which is basically a curry type food or baingan ke Pakore which is kind of fast food. This season is perfect for them.

Now, you know what vegetables to be grown in the rainy season so what are you waiting for? It’s time to plant because it’s now or never. God Bless You With Success! See ya!

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