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As you know, the fall season is about to here anytime. So, it’s time to make a list of vegetables to plant in the fall. That’s why today, I shall tell about late planting vegetables as well as what fall veggies to grow in the fall. In this article, you will also get to know about the fall crops which you can harvest as a winter vegetable in winter. Also, in case, if you don’t know when to plant a fall garden, read this previous article to make your confusions clear.

So, I am listing what are the 6 best vegetables to plant in the fall in my opinion. So let’s start!

1.     Beetroots:

beets in the fall
Ah! That red-blooded vampire veggie.
Ah, Beets! Do you know what I like most about beetroots? Their colour. I am fond of their redness; like they have sucked blood like a vampire. Beetroots are the root vegetable and like others, it grows best from seeds. They are easy to grow but if you grow them in the heat of summer they will become bitter and woody quickly. They are best to grow in the late summer or the fall. The beets in the ground will keep growing until a hard freeze, and even the tops can handle a bit of frost.

2.     Radishes:

Don't grow radishes in the spring
Beautiful red radishes!

Radishes are the best for fall planting. They grow quickly and like cool and moist soil. They also have the problem just like the beets if you grow them in the springs or the summer. They grow pretty much like turnips.

3.     Broccoli:

Broccoli in the fall
Look at it! A small beautiful tree

These small trees like vegetables don’t like summer. There are two advantages of planting broccoli in the fall instead of spring. Firstly, if they are planted in the spring, they will not be as hardy as the broccoli planted in the fall. In short, if the seedlings remain less-hardy they won’t tolerate the frost. Secondly, the flower buds open more slowly in the cool season, you will get more than enough time to harvest. Broccoli does take some months to mature, so plant in the fall garden ASAP.

4.     Cauliflower:

Have you eaten cauliflower curry?
Hoooo…… Cauliflower!

Cauliflower also includes in the fall vegetable list. They are best to grow in the cool weather during fall because the cold weather keeps the heads tight and tender as compared to cauliflower planted in the springs. Beware of cabbage worms! They still going to hurt your plants.


5.     Cabbage:

Make sandwiches with cabbage
Who likes salad?

Cabbage is also a veggie that grows best in the fall. They will grow in warm weather, but the heads need cool weather to form a head. They need plenty of water with a nice steady pace so that they can have a good flavour. They need 90-120 days to mature. Most vegetables in the cabbage family are hardy enough to tolerate a light frost. With some care, you can have the cabbages in the winter season also. But when the climate becomes cold, they stop growing also they will retain their freshness and get even sweeter.


6.     Peas:

Had you eaten peas rice?
Hmmmmmm…… Peas! My favourite.
The last vegetable of the list to plant in the fall. They also like cool weather, but they cannot tolerate summer heat. They germinate quickly in warm weather but as said they need protection from strong sunlight while they are at their young age. Many short varieties will be ready to harvest anywhere around 50-60 days. Also make sure that when the plants start flowering and forming pea, the temperature should be perfect during day and night in the fall to keep them going.

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