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It is autumn already and time to decorate your garden with the fall flowers. So, make sure to make a corner in your garden only for the flowers which you are going to plant in the fall garden.


So, without wasting time and let’s start with teaching you with my opinions for what flowers to plant in the fall.

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1.     Marigolds:


Marigolds are very common in Pakistan during winter. Plant marigolds in the fall and get blossom in fall and winter as before as frost.
Feels like cotton balls

You can plant marigolds in the fall. As these are the hardy plants, they can tolerate cool nights and also even withstand a light frost. They bloom continuously until a hard freeze.


2.     False Sunflower:

These are false sunflower. They are yellow in colour. You can plant false sunflower in the fall.

This sunflower variety so-called heliopsis is also in the list of the plants which you can plant in the fall. They have yellow petals with brown centres. Do you know what is special with these? They are perennial mean that they can live for several years.


3.     Dahlia:


Dahlia are very common and famous flower. Grow them in your fall garden
So satisfying…

Several varieties will keep growing healthy and flowering from mid-summer to fall. Orange and red-tinted varieties are good for fall planting.


4.     Ornamental Peppers:


Now, don’t say that I am telling you to plant fall vegetables in your autumn garden. For those who don’t what is this? Let me tell them that these chillies are used as a showpiece. They come in different colours even some varieties bear multi-colour chillies. Point to be noted, Never try to eat it. They are super spicy.

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5.     Balloon Flower:


Balloon Flower looks like a hot balloon. You can plant in the fall garden
Wow! Seems like someone blow the bud.

Do you know why their name is balloon flowers? Because they look like a hot air balloon before turning into a full flower. These beautiful flowers come in different shades which are blue, white and pink. Meanwhile, they do best in the sun-light but can be grown in the partial shade.


6.     Cornflower:


Don't mix it with corn flour. Grow cornflower in the fall garden
Look at those little tiny tiny cuties.

Cornflowers also called bachelor’s button or basket flower comes commonly in blue. You are going like these flowers as much as the birds and the butterflies do. Plant these in the fall garden as well.


7.     Sweet Alyssum:


I like the these flowers because they bloom a lot.
Ah……. to many flowers. Just the balls of the flower.

Sweet Alyssum has a dainty pink or white flower which looks gorgeous. Do you know what is special about them? They are hardy and can tolerate a few light touches of frost. That means you can plant these in the fall for a long period.

8.     Pansies:


I am fond of these flowers because of their colour and contrast
My favourite flowers!

Pansies are one of my favourite flowers as their design consists of different colours which really look amazing. They can’t tolerate heat, but they can withstand the winter. You can plant them in the fall garden at the end of the summer and they will glorify your garden for sure.


9.     Gomphrena


Gomphrena is also known as globe amaranth is not only a flower but also an edible flower. They come in magenta, purple, red, orange, white, pink and lilac shades. They can be grown in summer and in early fall as they are very heat-tolerant and fairly drought resistant. They grow best in the full sun and regular moisture.


So, that is for now folks! See ya!


The information was collected via GoodHouseKeeping & HouseBeautiful.



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