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How to Plant a Fall Garden



It’s 1 September already and the monsoon is saying good-bye while the rainy clouds carrying too much humidity going on their way. The first day of autumn is expected tomorrow. It is the time when you have to prepare your mind to decide what to grow in this fall “as soon as possible“. Don’t panic! This fall planting guide will teach everything which you need to know to plant a fall garden.

Now, most of you say that there would be a few crops which can grow in a fall garden. The short and simple answer is no, there are many crops which you can plant in a fall garden and winter garden as well. You may know that in the fall season, plants get less daylight as the season winds down. So because of that, your crops can probably take some extra time to get ready for harvesting.

In most of the cases where there is moderate temperature, the crops will be ready to harvest in about 2 months or so whereas in colder areas, most of the crops will survive the winter but you have to provide them more care.

1.     Plan What To Plant In The Fall Season ASAP:


Many people (Like me) make a common mistake that when they start to think about growing a fall garden or what to plant in the fall garden, they have been already late. So, if you want a successful fall garden then you should plant late-season crops at the end of the summer (In most cases, this means that you should plant the crops in August). You can also plant some fast-growing crops like lettuce and radishes in late September, but late garden crops like broccoli, carrots etc… do need a few months of prime-growing conditions to mature before frost.


2.     Be aware of timing fall crops will take to reach the date of maturity:


Every crop, even each variety has a predictable span of life which gives you an idea that how long will it take for the crop to reach its harvestable size. This is often described as “days of maturity”. It is mentioned on most of the seed packets. You should plant the fall crops in the way that crops get enough time to reach maturity before the first frost. (Find your local frost date here.)

3.     Harvest Summer Crops ASAP:


For growing a fall garden, it is important to remove summer crops from your garden ASAP. If you have a small garden, then it is more important to remove the crops. This will allow the fall crops or late season crops to have enough room so they can feel comfortable. So you know better when the crops will feel comfortable, and then you will also feel comfortable soon.

4.     Make Sure To Plant A Fall Garden With The Crops Which Last Longer:


Growing fall and winter crops will turn your vegetable corner into a cold store. Do you know why? Because the cold season allows the crops to hold longer once they mature. This works just like when you buy the vegetables from a grocery store or a market, you come home and refrigerate it.


The Information is credited to GoodHouseKeeping

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