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SG’s Lawn: Grow Cauliflower From Seeds In These Simple Steps

Cauliflower is of the globe’s most common, known and delicious vegetables. Every smart gardener wants to grow cauliflower.

Meanwhile, it is my favourite. Cauliflower is the vegetable on Earth that has so many benefits which you may not even know yet.

For instance, Cauliflower is easy to add to your diet. It is helpful for those who want to lose fat.

It contains unique antioxidants that can help you reduce inflammation. Plus, it is easy to cook. I think that’s too much. If you still want to know more, click here.

Just like it is easy to cook, it is also easy to grow.

In this article, you’ll know how to grow cauliflower from seeds as well as transplants successfully at home.

Remember, growing cauliflower is not difficult. Without wasting any time let’s begin.

Cauliflower Temperature Requirements:

Many would ask when to plant cauliflower. Cauliflowers are often planted in fall and winter. Cauliflower is a cool-season crop.

How long does cauliflower take to grow? For growing cauliflower, you’ll need 55 to 100 cool days; from sowing seed to harvesting cauliflower.

They hate extreme temperatures, hot and cold. Meanwhile, they cannot tolerate dryness. 

Extreme temperature can cause them to seed early. Growing Cauliflower indoors 6-10 weeks before the last frost in spring would be applicable.

Direct sow the seed outdoors if the temperature is between 65°F and 75°F (18-24°C) and the weather will remain cool.

Cauliflower Germination Time:

Cauliflower germination time takes 8 to 14 days.

For growing cauliflower seed successfully, you need to know the requirements.

45°F (7°C) temperature is applicable for planting cauliflower seeds.

How and Where Does Cauliflower Grow:

They are often planted through cauliflower transplants. Planting cauliflower can also be done by seeds.

They love full sun and rich, fertile, and well-drained soil. Soil pH around 6-7 is adequate for cauliflowers.

Cauliflower plants prefer aged-compost mixed in the soil.

Harvest Healthy Cauliflower

How to Grow Cauliflower:

The most-awaited part is here.

Sow the Cauliflower seeds:

Sow the cauliflower seeds half an inch in the soil. Many would ask how far apart should we plant cauliflower. 

Cauliflower plant spacing factor is very important that can’t be unseen. I have done some mistakes while spacing the plants.

The answer to your question is 2-3 inches apart while sowing seeds and 15-24 inches apart when thinning or transplanting cauliflowers. Meanwhile, the rows should be 24-32 inches far apart from each other.

When the seedling would start to bear its fourth real leaf, start transplanting the cauliflower ASAP. 

While transplanting the cauliflower if there is any leggy seedling, set it deeply so it won’t be heavy.

Watering the Cauliflower Plants:

Cauliflower won’t tolerate dry conditions. They need evenly water from their day 1 (sowing the seed) till the last day (harvesting cauliflower). 

Make sure not to water less or more than they need. Water is a must for the continuous growth of the plant as well as the formation of the head.

You can check if your plant needs water by pressing your finger in for about 1 inch. If you feel it moist, then OK. If it is dry, it means your cauliflower plants need water.

You can also mulch if you often forget to water or go away for some days.

Fertilizing the Soil and Care For Cauliflower Plant:

Keep the weeds out of the garden so they won’t be able to suck the important nutrients. Mulch is a great option to prevent weeds.

For fertilizing the cauliflower, use pure organic & aged compost.

Cauliflower Pests & Diseases:

Cauliflower can be caught by cabbage worms, cutworms and some other worms. Spraying with Neem Oil and water solution or dishwasher/hand wash and water solution will be helpful. 

You can also remove them by picking one by one.

Cauliflower is often caught by some diseases that will rot the roots.

Fortunately, cauliflower is susceptible to root-rots. The common symptom is that leaves will start to yellow.

Downy Mildew is another disease that can brown the heads.

Precautions for Cauliflower:

Make sure not to wet any plant. Free the garden from debris. Instantly, destroy the plants that are infected.

I hope you get the idea of how to plant cauliflower.

grow cauliflower

Harvesting Cauliflower Plant:

Cauliflower days to maturity takes 55 to 100 days if they are grown from cauliflower transplants.

Whereas, the cauliflower harvest time would be 85-130 days if the cauliflower is grown from seeds. 

Many people must be curious that how many cauliflowers per plant or will cauliflower grow back after harvesting.

No, cauliflower produces just one head per plant.

Now, you should know how to harvest cauliflower. When harvesting the cauliflower, cut the whole head from the bottom.

The leaves of the cauliflower are also edible like cabbage.

Cauliflower Varieties:

There are many different types of cauliflower all over the world. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • White: ‘Candid Charm’ (75 days); ‘Cashmere’ (52 days); ‘Dominant’ (68 days); ‘Inca White’ (70 days); ‘Incline’ (76 days); ‘Majestic’ (66 days); ‘Ravella’ (70 days); ‘Rushmore’ (51 days); ‘Self-Blanche’ (70 days); ‘Serrano’ (63 days); ‘Sierra Nevada’ (68 days); ‘Siria’ (65 days); ‘Snowball’ (59 days);’ Snow Crown’ (50-68 days); ‘Snow King’ (60 days);’ Pak’ (62-85 days); ‘Solide’ (67 days); ‘Starbrite’ (68 days); ‘Super Snowball’ (55 days); ‘White Rock’ (69-100 days); ‘White Sails’ (68 days); ‘Yukon’ (71 days).
  • Purple: ‘Burgundy Queen’ (70 days); ‘Sicilian Purple’ (85 days); ‘Purple Cape’ (200 days); ‘Violet Queen’ (55-65 days).
  • Green and Broccoflower: ‘Chartreuse’ (62 days).



“Plant spacious parks in your cities, and loose their gates as wide as the morning, to the whole people.” 

 ~ Andrew Jackson Downing

I hope you must have liked this quick guide on how to plant cauliflower.

If there is any question or suggestion, do comment below.

I’ll go now because I have to plant cauliflower.😜





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