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Make homemade tomato ketchup
The Perfect Catsup



Tomato ketchup or tomato catsup is used all over the world and it is one of the table spice which every fast-food brand use. It is used in pizzas, French fries and burgers and the list doesn’t stop here. So, today we thought to teach you how to make homemade tomato ketchup and it is really fun. Especially, when it is made by your home-grown tomatoes.



Around the 17th century, the Chinese used to use a recipe for ketchup which was made by pickled dish and spices, which they named kôe-chiap or kê-chiap. Kôe-chiap or kê-chiap is a word of Amoy dialect which means brine of pickled fish or shellfish. Then, in the early 18th century, kôe-chiap or kê-chiap first tasted by English colonist when it arrived in Malay states. At that time, Malaysian-Malay word for the sauce was kecap or kicap. Later, these words evolved into the English word ketchup.

Types of Homemade Ketchup:

As you read above the first-ever ketchup was made by some pickled fishes and spices. Like this, there are some more types of ketchup.

  1. Banana Ketchup
  2. Curry Ketchup
  3. Fruit Ketchup
  4. Tomato Ketchup
  5. Mushroom Ketchup

Nutrition Facts of Ketchup:

Ketchup contains 500 calories, 14g of fat and 92g of carbohydrates per serving.

Ingredients for Homemade KetchupQuantity
·Tomatoes2 & Half KG
·Vinegar1 Cup
·Fresh Ginger2 Inch
·Cumin seeds1 Teaspoon
·Cinnamon stick2 pieces
·Black pepper Corns8
·Black Cardamom3
·Salt1 Teaspoon
·Red Chilli Powder1 Teaspoon
·Onion1 (small)



Step-by-Step Instructions for Homemade Tomato Ketchup:


  1. Take a small muslin cloth and make a bag.
  2. Fill the bag with onion, ginger and the spices.
  3. Keep the bag aside for later use.
  4. Take red & fresh tomatoes.
  5. Wash & cut them into 4- 8 pieces.
  6. Take a pot which has depth. Fill it with the tomatoes and the muslin cloth bag, we made before.
  7. Cook it on high flame.
  8. As the tomatoes start releasing its water, turn the flame to medium.
  9. Cook until tomatoes become mushy.
  10. First of all, take out the muslin bag and squeeze the water out from it. Wash it and keep aside for later usage.
  11. Now, blend the tomatoes until they become watery.
  12. Drain out all the tomato juice with the help of a strainer. The target is to remove all the seeds and peels.
  13. Now, take another pot and pour the tomato puree in it along with sugar, salt, red chilli, vinegar and the bag of spices. (You can absolutely use the pot which was you used before, but make sure to wash or wipe it)
  14. Then, cook on low to medium flame until the mixture becomes thick.
  15. When the puree becomes thick, remove it from the flame. (To check if it is ready or not, take a drop and put it on a plate. Now, tilt the plate. If the water comes out from the puree or the puree gets down, it means that it is not ready yet.)
  16. Congratulations! Your homemade tomato ketchup is ready. Just cool it down and use it for a month.

This recipe is of Faiza Zarif.

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