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As the COVID-19 arrived, the lockdown started across the world. People began to find some work to make themselves busy.

Some started remote-working, some started earning money online, but instead, some people gave time to their hobbies.

Like those people, many gardening lovers (like you) started to spend their time in gardening.

So, this guide is for gardening lovers who are willing to know about gardening ideas to decorate your garden.

So, without wasting further time, let’s get started with teaching you the décor gardening ideas.


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Gardening Ideas for Decorating


This area contains several gardening ideas that will help you in decorating your garden.

I have also included some flower garden ideas for beginners.

So, the best way to decorate your garden is to illustrate the fence of your garden.

Also, recycling can help in decorating your garden, e.g. Using old bathtub is a great option.


1. The Fence of Stones:

A fence of historical style seems a good idea
A fence of historical style seems a good idea

Some people ask about the ideas for gardening using stones. So, this is one of them.

Make a fence by using stones as it gives a historical feeling. Make sure to pick dry rocks as they are an excellent match for a garden fence.

Try to use stones which are made up of concrete and bricks. They look awesome.


2. An old wheelbarrow for the garden:

Using an old wheelbarrow is a good recycling idea for gardening
An old wheelbarrow can also be used for transportation purpose

If you have an old rusted wheelbarrow or wooden wheelbarrow, you can use it in your garden.

Just take them out and put on the spot where it looks good. It will be a great decorating idea for your garden.

Make sure to repaint the wooden wheelbarrow to give it a smooth wood looking design.

Now, this is an easy flower garden idea as well. How? You can plant a beautiful flower and vines in it because they suit the best.


3. The Fence of  Bottles:

Almost like this you can make a vertical garden
Pretty much like this…

Now, this is an interesting decorating idea. Meanwhile, it is suitable for small gardens because by this method you’ll be able to grow a vertical garden.

So, first of all, make a hole in the wall with the help of a drill machine.

Take the bottles and put the cap side in the holes.

Cut off the backside of the bottles. Fill them with soil and grow anything you want.

My recommendation is that growing herbs and root vegetables is a better idea instead of growing bigger plants.


4. Use an Old Bath Tub in your garden:

Old bathtub recycling idea
Old bathtub recycling idea

This idea is based on using an old bathtub in your garden.

Just take an old bathtub and repaint it. Then, fill it with soil and start growing your favourite plants.

If you have a corner in your garden in which you have plants and greenery like a jungle, colour the bathtub with green and place it in the middle of that area.


5. Put frames on the wall:

Idea is to this type of frames on your fence wall
Frames like this or like some others are good decorating idea.

Take some empty picture frames of different sizes and different styles and hang them on the fence wall.

This trick will decorate your garden as a gorgeous looking art.


6. An old bicycle can be helpful:

This garden idea is the best way to decorate your garden
A bicycle can decorate your garden more than you think

If you were a cyclist, you must have your old cycle which may have been rusted.

You can use that cycle to decorate your garden.

The idea is to put a container on the rear and the front of the cycle.

Then, plant vines and too many flowers in those containers.

When the vines spread on all over the cycle, think how cool it will look.


7. Fences made from trees:


The idea is to plant trees with the fence of your garden.

Make sure to plant the trees which have the same height as well as design.

If you cut the tree to give it a style, then make sure to provide all the trees with the same design.

Not only it will look good, but also it’ll provide adequate shade and protect your garden from unwanted heat.


8. Hang some bird boxes on the fence:

Amazing gardening idea. Stay happy make bird happy too.
Make happy, stay happy

Colourful bird boxes look hilarious as well as they attract birds in the garden.

Even it is a prevalent idea, but still, it will decorate your garden smoothly.

Meanwhile, the bird will be happy too just because of your act of kindness.


9. Give your garden a museum theme:


If you are a collector or have too many old craps in your store like doors, windows, bathtubs, décor things etc.

So, why are you keeping them? Start recycling them today.

Put all them of the wall beside your garden. Make sure to repaint some craps if needed.

But old metal crap which is covered in rust seems a lot more beautiful.

This idea will give your garden an ancient theme.


10. Handbags and shoe storage:

Bags, purses, shoebox are a great option for small garden

Handbags and shoe storage can be helpful and proved to be beneficial if used.

If you use them like hanging pot, they’ll look super cool.

DO USE a lightweight medium if you’re hanging them.

Plant easy growing flowers in it and some beautiful vines.


11. Natural Decoration:

Gorgeous Idea! decorate the garden with the nature
See that? Doesn’t it look good?

Nature is the most beautiful thing in the world.

So, why don’t you try to decorate your garden with the help of the garden? Yeah, you heard, right.

In easy words, you are decorating nature with nature.

The idea is to plant some vines in your garden and use an ornamental trellis.


12. Bush or vine fence:

Very good looking hedge fence
Looking cool! huh…..

The fence which is made up of bush or vine so-called hedge is ubiquitous in Indo-Pak and looks very beautiful.

If you have an outdoor garden, this idea will work great as it prevents human and animals to get in and destroy your garden.

You would probably ask how? The vines or bushes contain so many spikes on them which hides inside the greenery.


13.An old cart:

Old cart can be useful for container gardening as well as transportation
An old cart can be useful for container gardening as well as transportation

Do you have an old cart that is not in use anymore?

So, why are you keeping it? Just try this gardening idea.

Take out your cart and repaint if necessary.

Now use it for your transportation purpose or use it as a display for container gardening.


14. Apply an artwork to the fence:

An art is a great garden idea
Artwork can be helpful in decorating your garden-min

The idea is to paint your garden fence like an artwork you commonly see in kindergarten.

I know this not that much creative, but it will help also it is a low budget idea.


15. Hang pots on the fence wall:

Use hanging pots in your garden but use them to decorate fences and planting a vertical garden.

This idea is perfect for small gardens. You can also recycle bottles, as I mentioned before.

But, again make sure to use a lightweight medium while using hanging pots.


16. Letters on the fence:


You can glue some letters on your fence that’ll keep you motivated, e.g. quotes or your scope etc.

Another creative but straightforward idea is that if you have a big garden, make some separate areas of other designs—e.g., Vegetable area, flowers area, herbal area, jungle area and so on.

Then, use letters to name the areas.


17. Terra cotta pots as a table:


Many people don’t like to use terra cotta pots as they are so massive and weak enough to break easily.

So, it is up to you that you use them for gardening or not, but if you have terra cotta pots, so this gardening idea is for you.

You can make many things out of terra cotta planters.

I advise that repaint them and make a table of them.

Put the table in your garden and enjoy your tea or if any guest comes, that’ll look so gorgeous.



DIY Easy Garden Ideas with Tip & Tricks and Hacks


1. Garden Idea using a plastic bottle:

If you have plants which need water on the roots instead of overhead, so this a great DIY garden idea which is easy as well.

Take a bottle and a sharp thing for making holes in the bottle.

Now, puncture holes around the bottle. Remember, in this idea; you are not supposed to punch holes on the cap because the cap will be removed later. So, make holes around the bottle.

Bury the bottle with younger plants while keeping the cap area outside.

Remove the cap, and the lid is now useless. Then, fill the bottle with water.

This will provide the younger plants with moisture whenever they need it.


2. Concrete Planters:

This gardening container idea is pretty much suitable for cold areas.

If you used to live in the cold area, make planters of concrete. You heard right not concrete block, just concrete.

It is a gardening idea which will help you with container gardening or gardening in small spaces as well.

The process of developing the planters is mentioned in the video below:

(Note: You can search for how to make concrete planters yourself)


3. Water the tomatoes correctly:

Watering your tomato plants in a correct way

When it becomes hot and dry, it becomes more challenging to keep your tomato growth healthy.

So, this garden idea is all about how to maintain your tomatoes growth. The simple answer is, don’t let them dry for a minute.

This garden idea is the low budget idea but also pretty much like the same as the plastic bottle idea.

Take a dustbin and make holes in it. Bury it near the tomato plants.

Fill it with couple shovels of compost and rest with water.

This garden idea will not only give the moisture to tomato plants, but also it’ll work like compost tea.



4.DIY natural fertilizers for your garden:

When you are growing the garden in your home, then why not raise it organically.

But the problem occurs that if you don’t give them proper fertilizers, they’ll not provide the best result.

So, for that, these are something which you can use.

  • Eggshell powder: A source of calcium,
  • Dried banana peels: An excellent source of NPK.
  • Coffee grounds.
  • Dried manure: An excellent source of Nitrogen.
  • Neem oil spray: A suitable pesticide


So, that’s for now. I hope you got an idea to decorate your garden.


Quote of the week is:

You Are Never Too Old To Set Another Goal Or To Dream A New Dream.

– C.S. Lewis

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