Water your plants while you are away on vacation

Water the Plants While You are Away on Vacations – SG’s Lawn

Are you planning holidays, but stuck on a point that how are you supposed to water your plants? 

If it is a rainy season or winter, then it is not a big deal. 

Nevertheless, if it is summer, your plants will need water regularly. 

This is really a serious problem that leads you to depression even when you are on vacation because the real smart gardener always loves its lawn like its own child, right?

So, today you, the smart gardener, are going to know how to water your lawn plants while you’re away.


1. Mulch your garden:

Mulch keep the moisture in the soil
Mulch keeps the moisture in the soil

Few inches of mulch is more than enough. Mulching creates a layer on the soil that helps in keeping the moisture and preventing weeds to grow in your garden. 

Study shows that mulched plants lose about 25% less water than non-mulched plants.

Point to be noted, DON’T mulch too deep.

Advice: Don’t forget to water the garden before leaving. 

Make sure that check the soil before watering by pushing your finger about an inch into the soil. If it is moist, you are set but if it is dry, make sure to water it. 


2. Invest in Drip Irrigation:

Invest in Drip Irrigation system
Invest in Drip Irrigation system

This is the best method to water your plants as it is easy, simple, and automated. There are many kits available in the market. 

If you are using a drip irrigation system in your garden, you will have to set it at the start of the growing season. 

You can set it when the plants become large, but it is way more difficult to lay the hoses. 

Also, put a timer on it. That’s how you won’t have to worry when you are outside. 

There are special timers available that can even sense how much rain you have gotten and adjust accordingly.


3. DIY Self-Watering Plastic Bottles:


This is a pretty simple life hack if you are going away for a few days. Just take a plastic bottle and poke the tiniest pinholes in it.

Dig the bottle into the soil for about a couple of inches. Fill the bottle with water.

The water will slowly drip from the bottle and never let the soil dry until the bottle gets empty.

Of course, you will need too many bottles to water an entire garden, still it worth it.


4. Provide Shade and Get Rid of Pests:

Check for Pest before going on a vacation
Check for Pest before going on a vacation

If your outdoor plants can survive in shade or partial shade, shelter them.

You can use shade clothes which are used in greenhouses. This will make the evaporation process slow. 

Furthermore, check if the pests attacked the plant before going.

Don’t just spray but also get rid of animal munching, an infestation of aphids, and so on. (If you see any) 

If your garden got into any animal trouble, then follow precautions like fencing around the plants, spraying deterrent, noisemakers, or some shiny dangling CDs, etc…


5. Keep Harvesting:

Harvest your veggies before going
Harvest your veggies before going

Make sure to harvest all the vegetables and fruit before going. You can tell your friends that it is okay to come by and harvest your vegetables.

Fruits increase the rate of water consumption as well as it attracts animals. Some veggies like tomatoes fall off from the plants and become ferment.


Be ready to lose a few annuals and un-established perennials. 

If you are going to be gone for longer than a week and it is hot, then definitely there are more chances to lose some.

That does not mean that it is necessary. If you have good luck, your plants will live.  

Quote of the week:

The key to immortality is first living a life worth remembering.

-Bruce Lee



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